Our Dog Activity Park & Freedom Field

In addition to our group walks on the beaches of Half Moon Bay, Middleton Sands, Hest Bank & Bolton-le-Sands and our walks along the river at Halton and the canal at Carnforth we also have our own land for exercising your dogs.

We have a summer field of one and a half acres of pasture and for the winter we have a half acre orchard.
We have a wide variety of agility equipment on this land to provide stimulation and entertainment for your dog.
Our equipment includes:
Dog walks (training & competition size)
A frames (training & competition size)
Seesaws (training & 1 competition size)
10 coloured jumps
5 natural jumps
Box jump
Tyre jump
A variety of tunnels
2 pause tables
12 weave poles

Bubble machine


A variable speed lure machine – super fun and lots of exercise for dogs that love to chase!