All dogs in England, Scotland and Wales are now legally required to have been chipped by the time they are eight weeks old.

Since April 2016 it is law for the keeper of a dog to keep their address details up to date, failure to comply could result in a £500.00 fine. Your address and pet details must be registered along with your microchip number on an approved pet microchip database, such as Animal Tracker.

I am qualified to implant microchips in dogs and small animals. This can take place at my grooming salon or in the case of litters of puppies etc I can come to your premises.

Price is £10 per animal. (Additional fee for travel may be chargeable depending on distance/ number of animals being chipped).

Chips are registered to the Animal Tracker database.

Animal Tracker Database

• The Animal Tracker database is fully compliant with current legislation relating to registration and record keeping for dogs.

• Animal Tracker operates a 24 hour telephone number for lost and found pets which is manned 365 days a year.

• All Animal Tracker microchip registrations include Scanner Angel integration, which sends your pet’s microchip number to its network of scanners alerting the operator if your lost pet is found and scanned.

Benefits for Premium Breeders

• Initiate a Transfer of Keepership online for FREE and only with a few key contact details of the new keeper.

• Transfer code automatically sent to intended keeper via instant SMS/email

• New keeper can accept a Transfer of Keepership online, verifying and adding any additional information for FREE *

• Unlimited online address and contact information updates

• Multiple pet management through the account process

* Transfer is free the transferor is the recorded breeder, the new keeper then responsible for choosing their account option.

Upgrade to a Pet Keeper Premium Account

• Save over 40% when you upgrade for just £6.95! Offer only available when you first register.

• Unlimited address changes for the lifetime of your pet.

• Keep up to 5 pets with an Animal Tracker microchip in your Premium account

• Add temporary addresses when you go on holiday or have to spend time away from your pet

• Should your pet go missing, alerts are sent out to our Lost and Found network and you can download posters through your account page

• Add your pet’s vet details, with the option for them to be displayed along with your contact details.