Dogs with Special Requirements

At Coast & Country Canines we always do our best to find a way to groom your dog taking into consideration any special requirements your dog may have.

Byron the Newfoundland is elderly and has hip problems so we did the vast majority of his groom with him either sitting or lying down.

Marley the cocker spaniel had previously been turned away from other salons for his behaviour regarding having his legs clipped or scissored and was on the point of being clipped at the vets under anaesthetic. Two visits to Coast & Country Canines and here he is now! Still a long way to go with Marley but the first steps are out of the way!

Jessie the young Saint Bernard wasn’t happy to step into our dog bath (and she’s too big to lift in!) but was happy to step on to our table.  Our table is metal topped with rubber whereas our bath is stainless steel. We tried adding a rubber backed carpet mat to the bottom of the bath and Jessie was then happy to get in.


Elvis the Shih Tzu is frightened of having his face trimmed. A previous groomer had been unable to touch his face at all and so he needed a lot of fur removing when he first came to us. Like Marley above, we were his last chance before resorting to clipping at the vets under anaesthetic. We worked on his face before we did anything else (normally we bath first) so that he would have the minimum amount of time to get worked up in advance. Elvis has been to us twice now and we have been able to give him a short facial clip both times. We are still a little way off being able to give him the smart tidy trim that is our usual standard (as we have to be careful to avoid his teeth!) but he’s comfortable and doesn’t need to have an anaesthetic.

This elderly lady was too hot in her full coat in the summer but was reluctant to stand due to a tendon injury so we clipped her laying down.

Please ask us how we can help with any special needs your dog may have.

(Please note that if your dog’s needs mean that he or she will take significant additional time to groom then an additional fee will be payable which will be discussed when we assess your dog).